The FADER: Sisters Uncut

“On Sunday November 20, U.K. feminist activist group Sisters Uncut staged a country-wide day of action. In the south western city of Bristol, protesters set off green and purple plumes of smoke on Redcliffe Bridge. In the northern industrial city of Newcastle, a banner bearing the message “Sisters Uncut Demand Specialist Domestic Violence Services” adorned the Millennium Bridge; further north in Glasgow, Scotland, an outpost of the group took over South Portland Street Suspension Bridge. And in the capital of London — where these photos were taken — hundreds of women stopped traffic on Waterloo bridge during the busiest part of …

i-D: photos and thoughts on pride after Orlando

“Just over two weeks ago 49 people were killed and 53 wounded at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. The venue was holding a Latinx night in celebration of Gay Pride Month, and its punters would have arrived expecting the same kind of safe environment they’d always experienced. Gay bars are hard-won sanctuaries where LGBT+ people can hang out with their friends in complete confidence – and this violation of such a space was extraordinarily horrific. Last Thursday I went to a talk called Pride Is A Protest – The Radical Roots Of Pride in central London and was again reminded of the …

i-D: portraits for #VoteRemain

With the Brexit vote around the corner, i-D commissioned me to shoot portraits of Londoners who were planning to #VoteRemain. Sitters wore the brilliant t-shirts Wolfgang Tillmans designed in support of staying. You can read the full features here: part 1, part 2 and part 3. photography: Holly Falconer studio: Protein Studios assistants: Eddie Blagbrough, Amber Tanc lab: Labyrinth Photographic

Drag Kings for Refinery29

New portraits of Drag Kings taking part in The Glory’s Man Up competition for Refinery29. Photographer: Holly Falconer Assistant: Amber Tanc Writer: Nick Levine Read the full article here. “…When the drag kings take to the stage later on, the performances they give are both technically impressive and a lot of fun. Richard Von Wild lip-syncs to a cleverly-mixed rap medley, while a contestant called Brent Wood delivers a more comic set, sending up Essex lad culture. Georgeous Michael lip-syncs to George Michael’s “I’m Your Man” wearing the leather jacket and designer stubble of the singer’s ’80s heyday. On the one …

Parade featured in the Photoworks Annual 2015

Parade has been featured in the 2015 edition of Photoworks annual, as a part of a brilliant feature by Max Houghton on women and wit in photography. Additionally, one of the images from the project (taken at Reclaim the Night in 2014) has been featured on the annual’s back cover. See the full project here.

Tatty Devine S/S Lookbook feat Skinny Girl Diet

Last autumn I shot a S/S lookbook for Tatty Devine in Margate. The brilliant band Skinny Girl Diet were our models, and Margate our setting of dreams. Photography: Holly Falconer Skinny Girl Diet: more info Stylist: Kylie Griffiths Art Director: Harriet Vine Makeup: Bobana Parojčić Hair: Elvire Roux Stylist’s assistant: Beth Whitehead Thanks to: Beau Doyle and Dan Chilcott

Asexual project published in Vice

A project I began work on five years ago has recently been featured in Vice. From 2010, in conjunction with my sociologist friend Mark Carrigan, I embarked on a project documenting asexuals around the UK. It was a fascinating task – people knew very little about asexuality when I started, and the people I snapped were really keen to increase awareness. Photographing them raised a lot of questions for me too. Why has sex come to define us so heavily in the past few decades? How has the internet brought pockets of society together and helped them understand themselves? Before asexuals had a discussion …