Portraits for 4Music

I’ve recently been working with 4Music on a series of portraits. Pictured: Mae Muller, Declan McKenna, and Hamzaa.

Refinery 29: Butch Beauty

New work for Butchness Is Not The Opposite Of Beauty – It’s A Kind Of Its Own by Sadhbh O’Sullivan for Refinery 29. Featuring Nkem, Xandice and Martha. With layout design by Meg O’Donnell.  Assistant: Hannah Norton. “To be butch, we are led to believe, is to be the antithesis to ‘traditional’ beauty. By appearing deliberately gender nonconforming, butch women and people are seen to be rejecting traditional forms of femininity. But rejection of femininity is not a rejection of beauty. Nor is it a bid to ‘look like’ or embody masculinity. The beauty of butchness is that it creates its …

Dazed Beauty: Religion & Makeup

New work for How my religion shaped my relationship with makeup by Amrou Al-Kadhi for Dazed Beauty. Featuring Glamrou, Hafsa Qureshi, Raheem Mir and Miss Hope Springs.  “As a Muslim boy, reaching for my mother’s make-up brush resulted in verbal scalding and a night of repenting for Allah’s mercy. Make-up on a boy, I was taught, was an unimaginable insult. Hence when I started drag at the age of 19, it felt like the ultimate transgression against my religion. It’s been a decade since meeting my queen alter-ego,and I’ve come to discover something quite surprising: that the process of applying make-up …

Work showing at the Hayward gallery’s Kiss My Genders

The Hayward gallery are currently exhibiting the show Kiss My Genders from June 12th – September 8th. I am showing ‘Glamrou’, an image by Amrou Al-Kadhi and I. The work was originally shot for Cause & Effect magazine in 2016 and was styled by Amnah Hafez. “Spanning the past 50 years, Kiss My Genders brings together over 100 artworks by artists from around the world who employ a wide range of approaches to articulate and engage with gender fluidity, as well as with non-binary, trans and intersex identities. Working across photography, painting, sculpture, installation and video, many of the artists in …

New portraits for BBC for George Shelley’s documentary Learning to Grieve

I recently shot some portraits of George Shelley for new BBC Three documentary Learning to Grieve. “Having spent the last 12 months struggling to talk about his loss and to deal with it, George embarks on a series of extraordinarily candid and raw discussions with his parents and best friend in a bid to help him cope with, and better understand, the process of grieving.”