Asexual project published in Vice

A project I began work on five years ago has recently been featured in Vice. From 2010, in conjunction with my sociologist friend Mark Carrigan, I embarked on a project documenting asexuals around the UK. It was a fascinating task – people knew very little about asexuality when I started, and the people I snapped were really keen to increase awareness. Photographing them raised a lot of questions for me too. Why has sex come to define us so heavily in the past few decades? How has the internet brought pockets of society together and helped them understand themselves? Before asexuals had a discussion …

Vice: Dream Makeovers

Dream Makeovers for Vice VICE: “For this shoot, we asked a load of people on the internet what they’ve always wanted to be. Then we told them to come to our office so we could turn them into that – be it a goth, a trekkie or a human doll. Finally, we had a walk around and asked strangers whether our makeover recipients looked better before or after, kind of like that show Snog Marry Avoid, but in reverse and without that annoying computer thing.” See the full shoot here Photographer: Holly Falconer Stylist: Kylie Griffiths Makeup: Michelle Dacillo Hair: Elvire …

Drag Goddesses Project

My new project on female drag queens has been featured on Vice, with a fantastic article by Nell Frizzell… “9 AM on a Sunday morning is for the walk of shame or going to church. But for the female queens of London, it’s a time that straddles both; the foundation-smeared, grotty beauty of a morning creep home, and the towering feminine performance of your Sunday best. Which is why I find myself in a studio beside a stagnant canal in Dalston watching eight women becoming drag queens—all faux fur, glitter beards, sprayed wigs, thick powder, and blushed on breasts. The atmosphere isn’t …

Vice: Candy Crush

New work for Vice Candy Crush. See the full shoot here. Photographer: Holly Falconer Stylist: Kylie Griffiths Graphics and illustration: Toby and Joe Evans Photographer’s assistant: Alex Craddock Photographic lab: Labyrinth Photographic Hair and makeup: Lydia Warhurst Models: Gemma, Lola and Patrish at Profile

Vice: Toyshop

    TOYSHOP Photographer: Holly Falconer Stylist: Kylie Griffiths See the full shoot here. Photographer’s assistant: Eddie Blagbrough Stylist’s assistant: Bongeka Dube Hair and makeup: Lydia Warhurst Makeup artist’s assistant: Esme Carpenter Studio: Kingsland Road Studio, London Models: Tess Mickleburgh, Lucinda Warby at Models 1, Orla and Holly McDowell at M&P, George and Max at AMCK Photographic Lab: Labyrinth Photographic With thanks to Joanna Scotcher    

Vice: Brixton’s Painted Farms

New work for Vice Hanging out in Brixton’s Painted Farm See the full shoot here. Photography: Holly Falconer Styling: Kylie Griffiths Makeup and hair stylist: Lydia Warhurst, using Nars and Bumble & Bumble Models: Lou Lou at Profile and Oisin at Models 1 Stylist’s assistant: Bongeka Dube