Refinery 29: Butch Beauty

New work for Butchness Is Not The Opposite Of Beauty – It’s A Kind Of Its Own by Sadhbh O’Sullivan for Refinery 29.

Featuring Nkem, Xandice and Martha.

With layout design by Meg O’Donnell. 

Assistant: Hannah Norton.

“To be butch, we are led to believe, is to be the antithesis to ‘traditional’ beauty. By appearing deliberately gender nonconforming, butch women and people are seen to be rejecting traditional forms of femininity. But rejection of femininity is not a rejection of beauty. Nor is it a bid to ‘look like’ or embody masculinity. The beauty of butchness is that it creates its own category, one that stands apart from patriarchal standards and celebrates new versions of womanhood and non-binary identity.” – Read the full piece by Sadhbh O’Sullivan here.

See the full shoot here.