Phoenix magazine: The Sisterhood


New work for Phoenix magazine, see the whole shoot here.

Mia Farrow was born into Hollywood royalty: her father was a successful Hollywood director, and her mother an actress – most famous for playing Jane in the Tarzan films. They had seven children, and Mia grew up with three sisters: Prudence, Stephanie and Tisa. They were born lucky – and on the edge of hugely influential adulthoods, acting, modelling, film producing, teaching, writing… and becoming the namesake for the Beatles’ song “Dear Prudence”. Their teenage years were peppered with tragedy however, with their brother Michael dying in a plane crash aged 13, and their father passing away when Mia was only 17. We reimagine their life on North Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills…

Photographer: Holly Falconer
Stylist: Jaclyn Bethany
Makeup: Lucy Gibson using MAC Pro
Hair: Elvire Roux using Bumble and bumble
Models: Charlotte Cleaver at Next Model Management, Emily Bostock at IMG Models, Enrika and Kristina at Milk Management
Photographer’s assistant: Emily Webb
Stylist’s assistant: Fatima Monjas
With thanks to JJ Locations and the ProCentre, London