Photograph of Neston Ladies Day from the photography project Parade by photographer Holly Falconer

Parade project featured on National Geographic and It’s Nice That

I’m currently working on a project called Parade, about why women choose to come together en masse in the twenty-first century. You can see the project’s progress here.

Recently, National Geographic, Slate and It’s Nice That wrote some lovely things about the project.

Here’s an except from National Geographic’s piece:

“To be honest, I’ve never really been all that fond of parades. Sitting on the sidelines while waving to strangers in odd costumes has never made much sense to me. But when I saw Holly Falconer’s photos of women parading in the U.K., I felt quite differently. I was intrigued with the poppy colors and Victorian styles, but also felt a closeness to the characters she captured. These were women who knew how to express their unique identities. I wanted to ask Falconer about what inspired her to work on a project on these unusual, gender-centric parades. Falconer said that “the idea stemmed from the many gay pride parades I’ve attended since I first came out in my early twenties, which I have always found to be both a profound and fun experience—it’s such a fantastic feeling to walk through London’s streets surrounded by others who’ve been through the same experiences as you.”

Falconer started off by going to the Neston Ladies Day parade, which she just happened to visit on its 200th anniversary. “The annual walk through Neston has taken place since 1814 on the first Thursday of June, and women of all ages process through the town bearing garlanded white staves and a banner that declares ‘Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens.’ The procession is held in honor of the Neston Female Society, which was established during the Napoleonic Wars as a means of mutual self help for women who were experiencing hardship. It is unique, as it’s now the last such female friendly society in the UK.”

Neston 042

Neston 044

Painswick 032

Neston 026

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