Parade exhibition at Mois de la Photo /Off, Paris

A preview exhibition of my project Parade was held at Studios Paris gallery in Montmartre from April 1st – 29th. Initially shown over the opening weekend of Le Mois de la Photo / Off festival, it was then selected to run for the full festival month. Parade was hosted by Alisa Gallery curation.

The show displayed a selection of works from the ongoing project that looks at why and when British women congregate en masse. Gatherings captured include Sisters Uncut protesters campaigning for better funding for domestic violence survivors, runners taking part in the country’s first women’s marathon, singers who are members of a seventy-strong choir and those who take on new personas on stage as drag kings. The groups covered include those who define as cis, trans and intersex, as well as non-binary and gender non-conforming people who attend events documented.

Despite their differences these events have some things in common: the shared ability to accelerate societal change, the impressive effect a large presence of people can have in forever altering a space and a sisterly collectivity that is infectious. More than ever women can parade their aims, minds and bodies in any way they choose.


Press for Parade

A selection of press for the show can be seen below:


Adaptation Magazine

Balthazare Magazine



Artistik Rezo

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