Portraits of Glamrou for Cause & Effect magazine

A selection of portraits I shot for Cause & Effect magazine to go alongside Glamrou’s article on “how I use drag to continually process my feelings of displacement as a queer Iraqi immigrant in the U.K., constantly in aesthetic flux between East & West in an attempt to stitch all sides of my identity together. Too Western for the Middle-East; too Middle Eastern for the West.”

The FADER: Sisters Uncut

“On Sunday November 20, U.K. feminist activist group Sisters Uncut staged a country-wide day of action. In the south western city of Bristol, protesters set off green and purple plumes of smoke on Redcliffe Bridge. In the northern industrial city of Newcastle, a banner bearing the message “Sisters Uncut Demand Specialist Domestic Violence Services” adorned the Millennium Bridge; further north in Glasgow, Scotland, an outpost of the group took over South Portland Street Suspension Bridge. And in the capital of London — where these photos were taken — hundreds of women stopped traffic on Waterloo bridge during the busiest part of …