Refinery 29: Crystal

I shot portraits of Crystal aka Tom Rasmussen for Refinery 29, for the piece Inside My Makeup Bag: Drag Queen Edition. “In my makeup bag is the hardware which allows me to finally live my childhood fantasies. In my makeup bag is a lifeline to an expression of my gender that saved my life – that saves so many people’s lives. In my makeup bag is a history book, connecting me to the radical queens, queers, butch dykes and trans folk who fought for me to be able to paint my face the way I want to paint it. In …

Queer London

In 2017 I worked on a project documenting some of London’s LBGTQ+ community, funded by Getty Images Creative. The aim of the series was to produce a selection of photographs depicting the everyday life of a queer Londoner. Daley and Christianna have been friends since they met at a party in their first year of university. Daley is a 25 year-old, non-binary queer person who lives in east London with their fiancé and their cat. They work as a cinema manager and freelance illustrator, and in their free time enjoy “date nights, friend nights and illustration”. Christianna is 26, lives …

Love Letters for Beauty Archive

New editorial for Beauty Archive, see the full shoot here. Photographer: Holly Falconer Model: Sienna King @ Tess Management Stylist: Celia-Jane Ukwenya Makeup: Michelle Dacillo Hair: Ami Fujita Set designer: Kerry Hughes Photographer’s assistant: Hannah Norton Stylist’s assistant: Naomi Okofetimi

Magenta Flash Forward Awards

I was really happy to find out recently that I’m on the UK winners’ list for the Magenta Flash Forward Awards 2017, having been nominated for my ongoing project Parade. Flash Forward is an annual competition that showcases the work being created by the very best emerging photographers from Canada, the UK and the US. Every year, judges from each of the participating countries review the submitted work and identify the young people that they believe show promise as professional fine art or documentary photographers.

Parade exhibition at Mois de la Photo /Off, Paris

A preview exhibition of my project Parade was held at Studios Paris gallery in Montmartre from April 1st – 29th. Initially shown over the opening weekend of Le Mois de la Photo / Off festival, it was then selected to run for the full festival month. Parade was hosted by Alisa Gallery curation.