Night for Day: video for Arthur and Albert magazine

Video for Arthur and Albert magazine Art director: Holly Falconer Director/ editor: Georgi Banks-Davies Director of photography: GBD/ Louise Murphy Camera dept. / lighting: Andrea Colomb Model: Kelsey at Premier Stylist: Celia-Jane Unwenya Make up and hair: Caroline Shuttleworth Joggers: Felicity Sheridan-Johnson, Laura Garnons-Williams, Shiraz Mehra With thanks to: Alice Gabb

Lay Me Down

For Story Magazine, Photography by Holly Falconer, Styling by Celia-Jane Ukwenya Models: George at Premier, Jade at M and P models Make up by Caroline Shuttleworth using Laura Mercier, Hair by Zara Toppin With thanks to: Briony Worthing

Review: Last chance to see: British Art Show 7 at the Hayward Gallery

“I miss being 10 years old,” someone remarked to me this weekend. “Being in a place where there’s a set purpose to life, and it’s so easy to be happy.” If you want to experience something that affirms the opposite: that being an adult in 2011 is terrifying but wonderful, visit British Art Show 7: in the Last Days of the Comet (closing on April 17th). It’s certainly difficult being confronted by the first pieces in this exhibition. Phoebe Unwin’s paintings are boxed in and desaturated, like piecemeal Rothkos. Charles Avery’s spectacular installation of a woman looking into the sky …