Drag Goddesses Project

My new project on female drag queens has been featured on Vice, with a fantastic article by Nell Frizzell…

“9 AM on a Sunday morning is for the walk of shame or going to church. But for the female queens of London, it’s a time that straddles both; the foundation-smeared, grotty beauty of a morning creep home, and the towering feminine performance of your Sunday best.

Which is why I find myself in a studio beside a stagnant canal in Dalston watching eight women becoming drag queens—all faux fur, glitter beards, sprayed wigs, thick powder, and blushed on breasts. The atmosphere isn’t decadent; it’s concentrated. They build their eyeliner up like plasterers.

What does it say about our idea of femininity that women in wigs, corsets, stilettos and seven ounces of makeup can sing, strip, get groped, and shake to audiences in the name of gender fuck? Can we learn more about what it is to be women by disguising gender through a constructed, post-sex persona?”

Read the rest of Nell’s article here, and you can view all of my project here.

Participants: Holestar, Victoria Sin, Lilly Snatchdragon, Lolo Brow, Rubyyy Jones, Miss Terri, Lisa Lee, Eppie

With thanks to: Street Studios and Labyrinth Photographic

Drag_Queen 010

Drag_Queen 003