West Country Born, series for Recens Paper

A new series shot for Recens Paper, West Country Born. The photographs were shot in the area I grew up in – in the village of Painswick and in the nearby towns of Stroud, Gloucester and Cheltenham. Recens Paper: recenspaper.com

Portraits of Glamrou for Cause & Effect magazine

A selection of portraits I shot for Cause & Effect magazine to go alongside Glamrou’s article on “how I use drag to continually process my feelings of displacement as a queer Iraqi immigrant in the U.K., constantly in aesthetic flux between East & West in an attempt to stitch all sides of my identity together. Too Western for the Middle-East; too Middle Eastern for the West.” Cause & Effect magazine: www.causeandeffectmag.com Glamrou: www.denim-uk.com

Victoria Sin for Yoho!Girl magazine

I recently took portraits of Victoria Sin for the new issue of Yoho!Girl magazine. I’ve photographed Victoria before in 2014 for Vice for my Drag Goddesses project and documented their project Dream Babes in 2016 – so it was great to work together again. Find out more about Victoria’s work here: victoriasin.co.uk.

i-D: Portraits from London’s Women’s March

I photographed portraits of London’s women’s march over the weekend for i-D. You can see the full article here. “The two hours it took for the march to depart its starting point outside the US Embassy – due to the huge numbers of people – were a great opportunity to take in the messages of the many, many handmade signs. There were the ubiquitous ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-damental Human Rights’ and ‘Pussy Grabs Back’ signs seen around the world, mixed with calls to support reproductive rights (specifically Planned Parenthood in the US, and banners for ‘Repeal the 8th’, the …

The FADER: Sisters Uncut

“On Sunday November 20, U.K. feminist activist group Sisters Uncut staged a country-wide day of action. In the south western city of Bristol, protesters set off green and purple plumes of smoke on Redcliffe Bridge. In the northern industrial city of Newcastle, a banner bearing the message “Sisters Uncut Demand Specialist Domestic Violence Services” adorned the Millennium Bridge; further north in Glasgow, Scotland, an outpost of the group took over South Portland Street Suspension Bridge. And in the capital of London — where these photos were taken — hundreds of women stopped traffic on Waterloo bridge during the busiest part of …

New project: Illuminations

Last November I went to Blackpool to photograph the town’s annual illuminations. I’d last visited the city in my early twenties, and memories of its camp festival of lights had stayed with me since. The Illuminations were established in 1879 to prolong tourism in the colder months, and every year from late summer until November over one million lamps light up the seafront’s main road. Gaudy delights await: mermaids, astronauts and go-go dancers all hover above the drivers below. Huge tableaux depicting tales of pirates, Egyptian tombs and Alice in Wonderland jostle for attention with sponsored creations: local jewellers touting …

Exhibition – Undocumented: Healthcare for the Hidden

I have some portraits featured in Undocumented: Healthcare for the Hidden, running from September 7th – 10th at Four Corners Gallery in Bethnal Green. Hamid*, service user, and Dr Craig Rosenbloom, clinic volunteer Hamid came to study in Britain in 2006, but he feared for his safety if he returned to Pakistan and he registered with the Home Office to claim asylum after his course finished. Hamid’s isolated time in the UK, exacerbated by the fear of being deported, saw him develop severe social anxiety and depression. Experiencing suicidal thoughts, as well as excruciating toothache, he finally came to Doctors of the World’s …

i-D: photos and thoughts on pride after Orlando

“Just over two weeks ago 49 people were killed and 53 wounded at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. The venue was holding a Latinx night in celebration of Gay Pride Month, and its punters would have arrived expecting the same kind of safe environment they’d always experienced. Gay bars are hard-won sanctuaries where LGBT+ people can hang out with their friends in complete confidence – and this violation of such a space was extraordinarily horrific. Last Thursday I went to a talk called Pride Is A Protest – The Radical Roots Of Pride in central London and was again reminded of the …

i-D: portraits for #VoteRemain

With the Brexit vote around the corner, i-D commissioned me to shoot portraits of Londoners who were planning to #VoteRemain. Sitters wore the brilliant t-shirts Wolfgang Tillmans designed in support of staying. You can read the full features here: part 1, part 2 and part 3. photography: Holly Falconer studio: Protein Studios assistants: Eddie Blagbrough, Amber Tanc lab: Labyrinth Photographic