Ongoing project on why and when British women choose to congregate en masse in the twenty-first century.

West Country Born

for Recens Paper 2017 photographs shot around Stroud, Gloucester and Cheltenham 


for i-D
With the Brexit vote coming up, i-D commissioned me to shoot portraits of Londoners who were planning to vote remain.

Drag Queens & Their Mums

for Refinery 29
“For anyone across the world who is LGBT, gender non-conformative, or even just has an unconventional hobby, the struggle to reconcile your differences with your parents’ hopes for you is a familiar one.”


A project photographing people who define as asexual around the UK.
2010 – 2013


Blackpool’s Illuminations were established in 1879 to prolong tourism in the colder months and every year from late summer until November over one million lamps light up the seafront’s main road.

Drag Goddesses

for Vice
“Can we learn more about what it is to be women by disguising gender through a constructed, post-sex persona?”

The Final Curtsey

Phoenix magazine
In 1958 the last “proper” British debs were presented before Queen Elizabeth II – these debutantes were about to enter the swinging sixties – how did they feel about taking part?


for You Do You
Dreamboat is a word most associated with the glossy teen idols of the 1950s, when heartthrobs such as Elvis and James Dean graced countless girls’ magazine covers.

The Sisterhood

Phoenix magazine

Mia Farrow grew up with three sisters: Prudence, Stephanie and Tisa. We reimagine their life on North Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills…


Fangirls : Diva magazine. Stylist: John William